Classic Arcade Games

Take a trip down nostalgia lane with these classic retro games

Enjoy some of our classic arcade games such as Pac Man, Galaga, Tempest, Centipede, Burger Time, Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, and other classics! We’ve found that our retro arcade rentals are loved by both kids and adults alike! Adults love them because it reminds them of the golden age of arcade games, and often takes them back in time back to when they were hanging out at arcades, digging around in their pockets for that next quarter. Kids love them because they’ve already been born and raised with video games, and are already great at them!

The retro authentic feel of our arcade rental cabinets adds color and excitement to just about any kind of event, be it a corporate party in Naperville, a wedding in Oak Park, a birthday party in Lemont, or a school lock-in in Lombard or St. Charles. We have over 80 different arcade rentals, 13 of which are classic cabinet-style arcade machines. Keep it retro, or feel free to add in the modern games such as Big Buck Hunter or Fast and the Furious Racing!

Our classic game cabinets often include multiple games in one arcade cabinet rental. For example, our Arcade Legends machines has over 80 classic games that you can choose from to play!

Our arcade machines must be set up indoors and cannot be delivered anywhere where they have to be carried up steps, as they are very heavy and delicate. They must have access to (1) 20 amp power supply within 5ft. of where they are being set up. These arcade game rentals are great for kids of any age, as long as they’re big enough to reach the controls!