Shuffle Board

Shuffle board is a classic billiards room game that is a great addition to any event! We’ve found that it’s a great and easy to learn game is is great for all ages!

The game is simple, you take turns competing against another player to see who can slide their pieces (sometimes called pucks) further without having them fall off the edges of the board. Opponents pieces can be knocked off the end or sides of the shuffleboard scoring area to prevent your competitor from scoring. The game is typically played to 15 or 21 points.

To include more players, you can partner up with a friend or coworker, and take turns, on opposite sides of the table, each with an opponent on your side.

The mechanics of shuffleboard are what make it so challenging. The table is lightly sprinkled with special sand that helps to reduce the friction between the weight and the table. Getting the correct amount of force applied to the puck to move it down the board, without it falling off the edge. Its more challenging than it looks! Despite it’s challenge, children can just as easily participate, making this the perfect activity for any occasion.

While having a drink in your hand can certainly make this game enjoyable, shuffleboard is still a great rental for any occasion. We’ve brought this popular event activity to corporate events, holiday parties, graduation nights, youth group events, and so much more.

Bringing a shuffleboard table to an event doesn’t require anything too special.The table can be loaded in through any normal door, there just cannot be any narrow hallways with sharp turns between load-in location and it’s final destination.

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