Corporate Game Room Leases

Are you interested in creating a game room for your business? Here at The Fun Ones we specialize in creating custom game rooms for your company. We have everything from ping pong tables to classic arcade games. We will design the perfect set up for your space. By working with your budget and space we will create a great game room for any business! With new additions like electric bear pong and multi arcades, your game room will be the best space in your office.

A game room can help create a fun culture at your company. Colleagues can get to know each other and have fun in midst of work. Some friendly competition is great fun for everyone! See who can keep the high score on an arcade game or be the champion at ping pong. The fun is endless when it comes to designing and having a game room for your business.

We have package deals and also offer the option to create a custom package to cater to your company’s specific needs. One of the biggest benefits to creating a game room with us is that we have a lease option. Leasing allows you to switch games out whenever you want! When new games come out or if you just get bored of your current games you can switch them out for new arcades. You can also try games before you commit to buying or leasing them. This way you will be able to get the exact games that you want, anytime you want.

Our warehouse is located in Carol Steam Illinois and we serve the greater Chicagoland area. This includes the city of Chicago and the suburbs. Call our office today to discuss the game room options for your business! Our professional party planners and designers will help you create a fun environment and a great game room!