80’s Arcade Classics ($295)

Relive the arcade glory days by renting the 80’s Classic Arcade Machine! This arcade cabinet rental has all the classic arcade games you played in your youth. Test your skills and see if you’ve still got it! Maybe you might even beat your high score from the past. Our machines are all free-to-play, no quarters are needed so just line up and play as much as you want. Hours and hours of fun for you and your guests! Over 45 classic arcade games are included with this machine. See the list below!

Games Include:

1942, 1943, Action, Ammidar and Zaxxon, Arkanoid, Bomb Jack, Burger Time, Centipede, Crush, Dig Dug, Dig Dug 2, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong 3, Donkey Kong Jr., Frogger, Galaga, Galaga 3, Galaxian, Gyruss, Hustler, Juno First, King & Balloon, Lady Bug, Mappy, Millipede, Moon Cresta, Mr Do’s Castle, Mr. Do, Ms. Pac-Man, New Rally X, Pac-Man, Pacman Jr, Pacman Plus, Phoenix, Pinball, Qix, Scramble, Shao-lin Road, Space Invaders, Space Panic, Super Breakout, Super Cobra, Super Pacman, Tank Battalion, Time Pilot, Van-Van Car, Xevious

• Full adult supervision
• (1) 20 amp electrical outlet within 5ft of distance
• Must be set up indoors, or outdoors inside a tent with 4 sidewalls
• Cannot be brought up or down steps

If this machine isn’t enough to satisfy the ravenous arcade appetite of your party, then set up your own entire arcade by renting our other arcade machines like World Class Bowling, Golden Tee, Pop-a-Shot, or our Pinball Machines! Whatever kind of event you’re hosting, be it a bar mitzvah or birthday party, give us a call! Just let us know how many people will attend your event, and their ages and we’ll do the rest. We can put together a perfect arcade rental package with the right number of machines and a perfect variety of games to keep your guests entertained for hours!

As long as you’re in our delivery zone, you’re good to go. We service the outskirts of Chicago and it’s nearby suburbs. These suburbs include Oak Park, Elk Grove Village, Mount Prospect, Barrington, Inverness, Hoffman Estates, and Naperville!

Choose from many classic games!
Choose from many classic games!
Choose from many classic games!