Extreme Hunting ($295)

Extreme Hunter Arcade Machine puts you somewhere down in the middle of the woods with different sorts of creatures in their natural habitat. The objective of Extreme Hunting Arcade Game is to score points by shooting down big game with your choice of a rifle, shotgun or bow and arrow. While you’re following Black Bears, Grizzly Bears, Moose, Mule Deer, or White Tail Deer, you need to avoid hitting the bear cubs, does, or female moose.

The Hunt takes expertise, speed, timing , and accuracy to score because of the fact that the animals move quickly over the screen. What’s more, they are difficult to see since they blend in with the woods. After you shoot your first shot, you have to pump your gun in order the gun quickly because the creatures are then alerted and will dash away.

Extreme Hunter Arcade Machine features:
• Head to head rivalry
• 6 extra stages and first class organizes
• New “Party Play” Up to 4 players can alternate
• Multiple Target Stages
• Hidden Weapons with distractions

Extreme Hunting Arcade Machine keeps track of who’s winning and gives you a letter grade based on your aptitude, precision, and number of hits. So practice and sharpen your skills with the goal that you can get your name to the highest point of the leader board.