Harley-Davidson & L.A. Riders ($295)

Who doesn’t love a Harley?! With our Harley Davidson arcade rental you can give your visitors a little feel of how it feels to hold those bike handles! Our Harley Davidson arcade rental has been reserved for corporate occasions and commemorations and it is a remarkable hit!

Once we saw that this Harley Davidson arcade rental was up for grabs we didn’t think twice and knew we needed to bring it into our growing stock! This arcade machine rental is appropriate for teenagers and grown-ups since the handles make it somewhat hard for younger children to jump on.

The client needs to provide one outlet inside 6ft of the Harley Davidson arcade rental and that will be all! Nothing extravagant is needed to have this arcade machine at your upcoming occasion!

Since this is an huge arcade machine we are not able to take this up/down any stairs or steps. But if there is a ramp nearby we would be happy to take the ramp to bring the arcade to its place!