Popcorn Machine ($90)

Does your mouth water at the scent of Theater popcorn? This popcorn machine rental produces theater style popcorn that will keep everyone from youthful and old requesting more. Incredible for family occasions, block parties, and corporate occasions. Making theater to style popcorn takes minimal training and our simple to utilize units have everything pre-estimated. All you do is turn on the popcorn machine and pour the popcorn into the unit. Scoop and bags are included in the rental. The best thing of all, is we deal with the cleaning of the popcorn machine ourselves so you don’t have to worry about it.

We make leasing a popcorn machine simple. Every popcorn machine rental accompanies simple to utilize popcorn units. Every popcorn pack contains the Oil, Seeds, Butter, and flavoring all pre-measured. You should simply remove the top and pour everything in. Each unit additionally accompanies 1 ounce popcorn packs and a popcorn scoop.

If you are looking to make a festival environment for your occasion, the antique popcorn cart can be leased with your popcorn machine rental. The popcorn machine would then be able to be effortlessly moved around and every one of the supplies fit flawlessly inside the truck. Once the popcorn truck and popcorn machine rental is set up, it requires (1) 20 amp committed circuit. Each machine additionally needs a 5 foot electrical line. In the event that your popcorn machine rental will be put more remote than 5 feet from the outlet, you will require your own additional line or we can provide one for a minimal fee.

Rental Includes:
• No mess popcorn units for 75 servings (oil, margarine, seeds, salt, flavoring)
• 75 paper 1 oz. popcorn sacks
• Popcorn scoop

A party favorite, and a tasty snack
A party favorite, and a tasty snack
A party favorite, and a tasty snack