Nacho Cheese Machine ($85)

The nacho cheese machine is an absolute necessity for any motion picture night or family grill occasion! This cheesy goodness goes incredibly with anything imaginable! Preparing the cheese before your occasion will guarantee that everybody gets the chance to taste the cheesy goodness over anything your visitors want!

What’s Included:

Our Nacho Cheese machine comes with the container itself and the pack of cheddar. This rental includes enough servings for 75 individuals. We request that the client provide the serving dishes and chips that are required. On the off chance that you required more cheese it will be $40 per pack.

How It Works:

All that the client needs to do in connect the cheese pack to the inside of the machine, plug the machine into a 20amp electrical circuit and press the ON catch. Around 30 minutes after the fact the cheddar will turn into the ideal temperature and overflow out with the press of a button!

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