Strike A Light ($195)

This Strike A Light table arcade game is BRAND NEW in our inventory! We have tested it and we know this is going to be a popular rental! This game is portable enough that it can go to any type of event and is great for any age! This game does have bright lights so anyone who is sensitive to them should be aware of this before they play.

Strike A Light is ideal for any kid who is at least 7 years of age so that they are able to reach the top of the table and hit the buttons that are in the middle of the table. The Strike A Light is great for any event that will have many arcade games or have an “arcade” theme to it. It is great for both for girls and boys, so it’s ideal for any type of event!

Object of the game:

The object of the game is to race your opponent on who can hit the most lights within a certain time frame! Think of the “Wack A Mole” game, it’s the same concept but with our Strike A Light you will be hitting lights that you have to turn off in order to get more lights turned on.

There is another version of playing which is the following: One player starts with 3 lights and as soon as he/she hits one, it will be sent to the opponent. The opponent in return hits the light and sends it over to the opponent. It sounds complicated but the point is that they will be sending each other lights to turn off and whoever sends the most lights wins.

This Strike A Light game is ideal for any school fun fairs, corporate events, birthday parties, holiday parties, company picnics, school lock-ins, post proms, and much more! Call and book our Strike A Light rental today!

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