Quarterback Attack ($175)

The only football arcade rental in Chicago can be leased by The Fun Ones. This is a game we created because of the interest for football arcades at corporate occasions, school festivals, youth groups, and football parties. This amusement is intended to test your precision of tossing footballs precisely to a target under time pressure.

How to play the Quarterback Attack:

The power of the game is unmatched in arcades since two members are playing at the same time next to each other. They are both going up against the same clock and for the same footballs. Every football that is hurled through the opening scores 2 points. However, the last 15 seconds each finished pass is worth 3 points. If one or both of the players scores more than 30 points, the game goes into overtime for an additional 30 seconds. The player with the highest score at the end of the game is the winner.

Because of the skill required to toss a football precisely, the minimum age suggested is 12 years of age. This game requires power and works best indoors. Direct sunlight makes the LED clock and scoreboard difficult to read.