Ultimate Arctic Thunder Racing ($395)

If you like racing simulator games and snowmobiling, then you’ll adore the Arctic Thunder arcade game! The Arctic Thunder Arcade Game is a snowmobile racing test simulator that gives you a realistic feel of riding a snowmobile because as you quicken the seat vibrates and a vent produces “wind” which blows in your face.

Pick your snowmobile driver from six racers and browse six tracks to race on.

In the Arctic Thunder Arcade Game the race courses extend from simple to normal to difficult and the selection of terrains incorporates the blizzard ripped streets of Washington D. C. to the nuclear winter of Chernobyl. You’ll tear through structures, jump over huge cliffs, and free fall over canyons.

The object of the snowmobile racing simulator is to race against time and your opponents in an all out attempt to reach first place. Along the way you can pick up power-ups boost your speed, or get weapons like rockets or atomic snowballs to bomb your opposition with. If that doesn’t work and your opponents get excessively close, you can simply punch or kick them to attempt and knock them off of their sled. Let nothing stand in your way of finishing in first place.

Check out the gameplay video below!