Rush 2049 ($695)

Are you a racing fan and need some quick paced activity, try our driving arcade games! Our Rush 2049 driving arcade amusement is the most polished sit down driving game available.

San Francisco Rush 2049 highlights 6 Race tracks, 4 Stunt fields, 8 Battle fields, and 1 Obstacle course. The objective is to gather gold and silver coins to open additional race and trick courses. But what truly separates it from all other driving games are the amusement’s enormously addictive Stunt and Battle Modes, both of which support network for head to head driving competition. Pay special mind to side road short cuts and crash and smash with your opponents. You can likewise perform wild, brave wheelies, jumps, and moves on stunt courses and attempt to arrive securely to accumulate points. For the most part, as the game advances in circuit mode, the automatons turn out to be extremely hard to beat, and the easy routes may wind up being the best way to win first place. The hidden shortcuts and jumps add to the replay the value of the game.