Giant Snow Globe ($495)

Are you looking for a new fun way to keep memories for your event? Well look no further! Our Giant Snow Globe rental will be just perfect for that! This is a unique and fun way to make your events even more memorable. Everyone can climb inside a snow globe for a group photo. The backgrounds can even be made specifically for your event. The Giant Snow Globe can be used for Holiday Parties, School Lock-In, Prom, and more!

• 4 hours for $495 with no staff included
• 4 hours for $995 with staff included

The Giant Snow Globe rental is mobile and can be delivered and setup in any location indoor or outdoor. Its only requirement is one 20 amp outlet. The Giant Snow Globe can also be used as just a prop. The ceiling height must be 14 feet clear for indoor set ups.

You can customize the backdrop specifically made for your event. You can have a group of people or just one person inside for the picture. Other soft props can be put inside the globe to theme it more. Any tall props would require the base to not be used to prevent tipping.

Step inside this winter wonderland!
Step inside this winter wonderland!
Step inside this winter wonderland!