Cotton Candy Machine ($90)

Cotton candy is sure to put smiles on all of your guests faces. No one can resist the smell and sweetness of cotton candy. Festivals made cotton candy popular but now you can have cotton candy at your event no matter the size! The machine is easy to use and it is just as fun to make as it is to eat.

Here at The Fun Ones we provide everything you need in this rental to make it as easy and straight forward as possible. Our cotton candy machine rental includes a plastics dome top. The dome is an important piece of the machine because it prevents the cotton candy floss from flying around your venue. Your rental will also include a full half gallon of blue or pink candy floss sugar. You get to choose what flavor you would like. You can also request both flavors and mix the two colors to make purple. Your rental will also come with enough cones to go with the cotton candy floss sugar. If you would like your cotton candy machine to be on a cart we also have a cart rental.

Rental Includes:
• Cotton Candy Bubble Top
• Half gallon of your choice of cotton candy sugar floss (Blue or Pink)
• 75 cotton candy cones


To make cotton candy, you pour the floss sugar in the center of the cotton candy machine. Once the floss head is full, you turn the power switch on. The floss head will start spinning and heating up. Once the floss head is at full temperature, the sugar will turn into floss and blow out of the head and collect in the mesh inside the floss bowl. Now it is your turn to put the floss stick between your fore finger and thumb. Place the stick against the mesh netting and twist the floss stick while rotating it around the bowl. It is that easy. After making 3 cotton candy’s, you are an expert.

One note of caution is – cotton candy does not last long on high humidity days. The moisture in the air causes the cotton candy to shrivel.

A classic party food staple
A classic party food staple
A classic party food staple