Donkey Kong ($295)

Another much loved arcade classic, Donkey Kong is one of the originals. Spanning more than 30 years of development and games, Donkey Kong has become a video game icon on par with some of the greats like Mario, Samus, Link, Pac-Man, and others. Climb the rafters as Mario and rescue the princess from Donkey Kong. He’ll try and stop you by rolling barrels down the beams and ladders, and even just throwing them at you all the way from across the screen. Dodge the barrels and reach the princess! Pull out the eight rivets that are supporting the beam Donkey Kong is standing on and rescue the princess!

• Full adult supervision
• (1) 20 amp electrical outlet within 5ft of distance
• Must be set up indoors, or outdoors inside a tent with 4 sidewalls
• Cannot be brought up or down steps

If Donkey Kong isn’t your game, then we’ve definitely got something for you. Feel free to check out Pac-Man, Galaga, Tempest, or some of our other arcade classics. Our arcade legends machine has over 100 games built into it! Give us a call and let our sales team help set up an arcade rental package suitable for your event. When you’re all set up, we’ll deliver it to your venue and set it all up so it’s ready to go. We can deliver to any Chicago suburb, including South Barrington, Palos Hills, Aurora, Arlington Heights, Alsip, Berkeley, LaGrange, and just about any other suburb in the Chicagoland area.

Dodge the barrels! Climb to the top!
Dodge the barrels! Climb to the top!
Dodge the barrels! Climb to the top!