Pop Noggins Music Video ($995)

Pop Noggins Music Video is the most recent advance in green screen innovation. Have your visitor lip sync up to their favorite song while we put their face on a vivified moving body and background. POPNOGGINS, is a hip and hot excitement item that permits up to six individuals at any given moment sit on magical stools as they perform to incredible tunes, for example, “Mony Mony” “Tub Thumping,” a little Elvis and a touch of Cyndi Lauper, among other rock, hip, and present day greats. A computerized A/V system catches your guests’ performance, which is then exchanged onto their own one of a kind bring home DVD. In this manner a music video is made!

Here’s how it works:
Stage 1: Up to 6 individuals sit on stools and are draped with our green capes.
Stage 2: Select your favorite tune to lip sync to.
Stage 3: Lip sync and watch yourself on the screen with your animated body dancing and moving to the music.
Stage 4: We record your performance to a DVD for each participant.

• 2 hours for $995
• 4 hours for $1,295

• Popular Noggins Music Video needs a 10′ x 10′ space; but a 15′ x 15′ space is preferred. We are glad to spread out a little more just let us know. More space means more players at a time!
• The PopNoggin Studio requires a Standard 20 amp circuit (120 Volts 60 Hertz).
• The 500 watt Nogginlumes will share a devoted 20 AMP (2400 watt) 120 Volt 60 Hertz circuit.
• In the event that you have any inquiries regarding the kind of power the PopNoggins™ prefer, please consult your neighborhood control/electric seller or we could address them for you.
• The power must be within 50 feet of the execution space.

Green screen lip-syncing fun!
Green screen lip-syncing fun!
Green screen lip-syncing fun!