Mobile Escape Rooms

Solve the puzzles and escape with your friends and co-workers!

Our mobile escape rooms are interactive and unique live-action adventures where you and your team — be they friends or co-workers — work together and race to solve puzzles and clues to escape the room before your time runs out! Escape rooms have taken the world by storm recently due to their fun and unique nature as a team-building and challenging activity. They can be experienced by anyone young or old, slow or fast. These escape rooms are the perfect way to have safe, clean, adrenaline-filled fun.

Rest assured, our rooms are not in any way scary, gory, or zombie-like. We provide multiple escape rooms to choose froms. There are smaller rooms for smaller groups, and we have a big room for the larger groups. You can even choose your level of difficulty and the theme. If you have a lot of people to get through the rooms, the times of your adventure can be adjusted for more throughput.

All our rooms are designed and built to be taken on the road and set up at your location of choice. We can bring one or many escape rooms based on how many people you have. The rooms can be set up indoors or outdoors. For indoor setups, we typically set up in a gym, conference room, hotel, church or restaurant. Outdoors we tend to use parking lots, backyards, or forest preserves. The rooms are pretty flexible in where they can be placed, so no matter where your venue is, there’s a good chance we can work around it and successfully set up our escape rooms.